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Fosaran 150mg Injection is used to treat vomiting and nausea. It is commonly used to control the acute and delayed nausea and vomiting associated with cancer treatment, including high-dose cisplatin (highly emetogenic) and moderately nauseating cancer chemotherapy. The contraceptives fail to work efficaciously during the treatment with Fosaran 150mg Injection. 

Concomitant administration of warfarin significantly alters the blood clotting time, so it is necessary to monitor the patients on chronic warfarin therapy before initiating Fosaran 150mg Injection. It is contraindicated in hypersensitive individuals. The dosage regimen includes the use of oral dexamethasone in the treatment. Inform your physician if you have any diseases. Inform your doctor if you are on warfarin therapy and contraceptive medication.

Uses of Fosaran 150mg Injection

  • High emetogenic cancer chemotherapy
  • Moderately emetogenic cancer chemotherapy

Therapeutic Effects of Fosaran 150mg Injection

Fosaran 150 mg injection works by acting on the receptors responsible for nausea and vomiting, antagonizing the substances involved.

Interaction of Fosaran 150mg Injection with other drugs

Inform your doctor about any prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, nutritional and vitamin supplements, or herbal products that you are taking or have taken before the treatment. Certain medications tend to interact with Fosaran 150 mg injection and cause undesirable side effects.

More Information about Fosaran 150mg Injection

The vials should be stored between 2°-8° C.

How to consume Fosaran 150mg Injection

Fosaran 150 mg injection will be administered to you by a health care professional. Do not self-administer. Your doctor will decide your dose and duration of the therapy.

Safety Advices for Fosaran 150mg Injection

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There are no established adverse effects of the Fosaran 150mg Injection during the administration of pregnancy. It is advisable to take it only under specialist advice on necessary requirements. Consult your doctor about the potential risks of this medication. 

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Breast Feeding



There are no established adverse effects of the Fosaran 150mg Injection during breastfeeding. Inform your physician if you are breastfeeding before taking this medicine. 

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It is unknown whether Fosaran 150 mg injection is safe when administered in lung failure patients. Please consult the doctor if you have any lung problems.

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Fosaran 150 mg Injection should be used with caution in patients with severe liver disease. Dose adjustment may be needed. Please consult your doctor. No dose adjustment is recommended in patients with moderate to severe liver disease.

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It is unsafe to consume alcohol with Fosaran 150mg Injection. Please consult your doctor.

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The medicine may make you dizzy; avoid driving or handling heavy machines if you are unwell. Consult your physician for more advice.