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Close Suck Cath

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Close Suck Cath™ (GS-2107)
    • Closed suction system minimizes the VAP incidences in ventilated patients.
    • Offers convenience of attachment to ventilator on one side and tracheal tube on the other, resulting in seamless access of tracheo-bronchial cavity.
    • Dual swivel elbow offers convenience of rotatability for optimal comfort.
    • Atraumatic, soft catheter minimizes the damage to mucosal membranes.
    • Clear depth markings help to reduce mucosal trauma and infection potential by allowing the practitioner to limit the distance of catheter for safe suctioning.
    • Catheter comes in a protective sleeve which completely isolates it from direct contact to caregivers and avoids disturbances.
    • Thumb control facility at the proximal end prevents inadvertent suctioning.
    • Provided with separate ports for flushing and MDI administration.
    • Day-of-the-week stickers which easily identify change requirements.
    • Same catheter is suitable to be used for upto 72 hours.
    • Sterile, latex free and individually packed.
  • Closed system
  • Allows ventilation with suctioning
  • Atraumatic catheter
  • Ports for flushing and MDI

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