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Flat 500 off on your first order above 1999


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Centro® (GS-3042)
    • Specially designed central venous catheter offering good tissue tolerance and reduced vascular pain.
    • Manufactured from specially formulated and biocompatible PU material.
    • Polyurethane anti-kink soft tip ensures firm insertion and minimizes vessel erosion, thereby reducing vascular trauma.
    • Radiopaque catheter with clear, definite marking facilitates correct placement.
    • Specially designed soft and flexible J-tip guide wire prevents perforation and provides good torque to ensure firm insertion and non-traumatic.
    • Vessel dilator allows super soft catheter to get easily placed.
    • Based upon much preferred Seldinger technique.
    • Sterile, individually packed in hard blister pack.
  • Soft tip Polyurethane catheter radio-opaque with luer lock connector
  • "J" tip Guide Wire with dispenser
  • "Y" shaped Introducer Needle, Tissue dilator
  • Suture wing, Clamp fastener, Scalpel (short)
  • Extension line clamps, Injection site
  • Syringe 5ml, Hypodermic needle (20G x 25mm)
  • Needle sponge

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